Bless the Lord

Recently I’ve had a lot going on. I am one of those people who literally draws out an outline or framework of how I want things to go and when things do not go according to my grand design, I get mad at everyone and everything. 

However, the process of spiritual growth and maturity has opened me up to a different perspective on life. There are so many things I could complain about right now but I have chosen to praise God these days. This simple change has made me a much happier person and honestly life is so much better than it used to be.

My salvation in Christ is pure and while I am fully aware that righteousness does not guarantee a life without problems, the Bible is packed with assurances of comfort in times of worry, distress, uncertainty etc.

One thing is for sure, God’s praises will forever be on my lips. The Lord is great and wonderful to me. I will bless him at all times. At all times and in every situation, I will bless and praise the Lord. 

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