When you are afraid…

​David faced so many trials, most of them were life threatening. The only way he survived was by completely trusting God. Being a believer means becoming a warrior. Yes. They go together, kind of like a package deal. The devil will target you if you are a believer, the devil will relentlessly war against you to destroy your faith and confidence in God. So many people have lost faith in the course of their walk with God due to trials and adversities. Many times, he even attacks your testimony as a believer and even fellow members of the body of Christ may doubt you. Do not be shaken. Let me repeat, do not be shaken. I love Psalm 27 so much and I love the fact that David always turned to God for hope and vindication in times of trials. If you are passing through similar times, read this psalm over and over again. Develop the heart of a warrior just like David. Focus on God and you will be victorious. 

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