Making time for God when there is no time at all.

whether you are a stay at home mum or a working mum, you can agree with me that we barely have enough time. Our to-do-lists seem to be never ending and on most days, we have several items we do not check off our lists and schedules.

It should not surprise you to know that you are not alone.

For many people, there is this feeling of being distant or disconnected from God. You know you should spend time with God, you know it has been a while, you miss communing with God, you miss hearing from God but you need to do the dishes, get the house cleaned up, go to school, go to work, write a ton of reports, prepare food, go to the market etc. You simply do not have the time and you honestly feel like God understands the depths of your heart and he knows really well that given the ‘time’ you would pray and study the word.

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. Matthew 6:33

The one thing to note is that sacrifice is essential for any relationship to thrive. The truth is, you can always find time for God. Do you love God enough to sacrifice time for Him?

And when he had sent the multitudes away, he went up into a mountain apart to pray: and when the evening was come, he was there alone.Matthew 14:23

And in the morning, rising up a great while before day, he went out, and departed into a solitary place, and there prayed. Mark 1:35

My dad recently told me something about ‘tithe of time’. Very interesting. He said we tithe on our money which is good but what of our time? What is ten percent of 24 hours? That is the minimum time we should spend with God everyday. These words pierced deep into my soul, I never saw it from that angle. I spent a full week wondering where I could get at least 2 hours and 15 minutes to spend with God. Turns out I did not even have to look too far.

Everytime I wake up. I meet my husband studying and making notes. He wakes up an hour or two earlier than he should, that is when He studies the Bible and i decided to follow suit. On the days I have to go to school (it is a 3-4 hour journey), I read my Bible on the road. And you know with technology, the Bible app is very handy. This goes way beyond reading one verse or checking out the verse of the day. Read chapters. Make notes. Read. Pray.

Just Read and keep on reading.

It is all about priorities. For instance, On the long journey to school, I could listen to music all they way, read a novel or even sleep (cos Lord knows I need sleep…lol) but spending time with God is important, so important that the other options simply do not matter.

That is my story. Now it is your turn, how is your schedule? You want to pray, you want to read the word of God but you are too caught up with life to do that. How much time do you spend on social media? Can you sacrifice that time for God? How much time do you spend on reading books that do not any way or form enhance your spiritual life? Give that time to God. How much time do you spend on movies and tv shows? Give that time to God.

There is an interesting story in Acts 24:24-27 of Felix who had a chance to be saved but said the time was not convenient. You miss out on a lot when you do not spend time with God. How do you even grow spiritually? How do you hear from God? How do find guidance and purpose in life?

Which of these excuses sound familiar: ‘Let me take a nap, I will spend time with God when I wake up’, ‘As soon as the demands from work reduce, I will have time for God’, ‘I will find time when…’

When it comes to spending time with God, do not procrastinate. If sin is the reason you seem to never have time for God, deal with that sin. Have a relationship with God not a one night stand. God needs committed people who love Him and are willing to spend time with Him. Are you one? Are you willing to be one?

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