Keeping a Prayer Journal

It has been on my mind a lot lately to start a prayer journal because I know that my prayer life needs a mighty intervention.

I eventually got to it, I didn’t want to create any rules for journaling since I have not particularly been great at journaling. I just know that whatever I put in there has to come straight from the heart.

Keeping a prayer journal is important because I usually forget my prayer points. As I go through the day a lot of things to pray about cross my mind and when I eventually pray, I forget the things I should have prayed about.

Note that a prayer journal is not a substitute for actually praying rather it is to aid you in organizing your thoughts before you pray. It is also a good way to keep a record of things you have prayed about.

As much as possible try to be consistent. I am including a thanksgiving corner or section in mine where I can write down the things God has done for me.

The above pic is my prayer journal. I had bought the Becoming momstrong book set by Heidi St John which included a journal. I decided to use it as my prayer journal.

Also, to encourage regular journaling, I suggest you keep your journal with your bible and bible study book (if you have one). That way, every time you have quiet time or devotion, you would be reminded to make a journal entry.

I will post updates and you can let me know in the comments if you have a prayer journal or if this post has encouraged you to keep one.

6 thoughts on “Keeping a Prayer Journal

  1. Thank you for This,I have been thinking on how to go about keeping a prayer journal even a bible study journal.God bless you even as you model for we moms to be.


  2. This is great. I’ll definitely try it out. I have a prayer note on my phone but I always try to keep my phone away during my quiet time so I always forget to note my prayers there. Your suggestion to keep the prayer journal and bible together is awesome. Thanks mama


  3. Thanks a lot for this idea. I never thought about it but seeing this on your page has inspired me so much. I am starting right away. God bless you.


  4. ” I know that my prayer life needs a mighty intervention.” Whose prayer life doesn’t need this? About a prayer journal, been keeping one for a while. To be honest, it has been mostly useful in triggering an ounce of thanksgiving or a pound of prayer, one way or another. I’m getting a new journal soon, just because I like journals a lot!

    I have a date attached to my prayer to know when its been answered, then I include a page of thanksgiving based on answered prayers and other not-requested-help God gives me.


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