Why Your Children Should Memorize Scripture

Today, I asked my children why they think we constantly give them memory verses and I have to share their responses with you:

Jael jumped to answer first: So that we will learn from the Bible and do the right thing according to the Bible.

Jesse: So that we will learn new things from the Bible and we can teach people about the Bible. So that we will know what God wants us to do and what God does not want us to do and so that we can understand God better.

Joel: So that we can invite people to church based on what we learn, so that when we have children we will teach them the Bible.

Ja’el: So that when we grow up, we will not forget , so that we will always learn from the Bible.

Jesse: so that we will choose God’s ways all the time!

I agree with everything they’ve said! They answered beautifully. I didn’t expect some of the responses I received but I’m glad they understand.

My 5 reasons for making Bible memory a norm in my household are:

  1. I will not always be with them but the scriptures they have memorized will always be with them.
  2. It is important that they God what God says about EVERYTHING especially in today’s world.
  3. To help them make future decisions. When Jesus was faced with temptation, he resisted using scripture- Matthew 4:4
  4. They will be deeply rooted in Christ. As God’s word is planted deep in their memory, it will mould their conscience and be a natural element in their thinking process.
  5. Our peace of mind: as parents, we can relax knowing that we have done our part by making the Bible a huge part of their upbringing. We have peace of mind knowing that we have planted and the seeds will germinate and flourish.

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